7 Types of Scottish Wildlife to Watch Out for in 2024

13th April 2024

As you venture into the breathtaking landscapes of the Scottish Highlands, keep your eyes peeled for the rich array of wildlife.

With Highland Holidays’ stunning holiday parks offering the perfect base for your adventures, here are seven fascinating creatures to watch out for during next your Highland getaway:

1. Red Deer

Among the rugged hills around our parks, keep an eye out for the iconic red deer. With all of our locations nestled amidst stunning natural surroundings, you’ll have brilliant opportunities to spot these majestic creatures as they roam across the countryside – Bring your binoculars!

2. Golden Eagle

Look to the skies above the Highlands for the magnificent golden eagle, Scotland’s national bird. With its wings outstretched against the backdrop of the towering mountains, the golden eagle is a sight to behold.

3. Red Squirrel

As you explore the woodlands surrounding our holiday parks, keep a lookout for the charming red squirrel. With their distinctive coats and bushy tails, these native creatures are particularly common around Tyndrum Holiday Park.

4. Common Seal

Venture to the Oban coastline for a chance to catch the common seal basking on rocky shores or swimming in the shallows. With the sound of the waves crashing against the shore, you’ll feel immersed in the natural beauty.

5. Otter

In the tranquil waters of lochs and rivers surrounding our parks, keep an eye out for otters. They’re also particularly common around the Oban area, and a joy to observe up close in their natural habitat.

6. Highland Cow

No trip to the Scottish Highlands is complete without getting up close to the iconic ‘Heelan Coo’ – We’re fortunate enough to have some as neighbours at Oban Holiday Park, so why not snap a shot of them on your next escape?

7. Red Kite

In the open skies surrounding our holiday parks, watch for the red kite as it glides above. With its distinctive forked tail, the red kite is a striking sight against the backdrop of the Highland landscapes.

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