The Need-To-Know About Skiing at Ben Nevis

  • Nevis Range
  • Aonach Mor
  • The Pinemarten Cafe and The Snowgoose
  • UCI Fort William Downhill Mountain Bike World Cup

The Need-To-Know About Skiing at Ben Nevis

Everyone knows Ben Nevis as a climber and hiker’s haven, but in recent years this beautiful mountain range has seen skiers, snowboarders, and snow sports lovers flock to its picturesque mountains. As the UK’s highest summit, the Ben Nevis range has seen the popularity of its snow wilderness increase with every snowfall. Whether you’re after adrenaline on the slopes or stunning snow-covered views, there’s only one place to go and that’s the thrilling Nevis Range.

Nevis Range

Known as the range with a never-ending list of activities to take part in, the Nevis Range gives visitors the chance to ski, snowboard, paraglide, and also try their wheels at mountain biking. If it’s a group activity for a birthday, a corporate work event, or you simply want to try a bit of solo skiing - the Nevis Range caters for all.

Winter Gondola

It’s actually one of the world’s newest ski resorts and it instantly boasts its modern flair with the incredible facilities on offer. The mountain of the resort is called Aonach Mor, which directly translates in gaelic as Great Ridge, which is no surprise as its peak is 4006ft tall - almost four times as tall as the Eiffel Tower.

Is it ‘ski’ you’re looking for?

If you’re after a challenging terrain that oozes excitement with every glide, then this range is definitely for you. Its stunning backdrop will take your breath away so much that you’ll be needing a sit down at the restaurants on offer - The Pinemarten Cafe and The Snowgoose - both offering delicious meals that’ll certainly warm you up from the snow. The Snowgoose actually takes its name from the 1930s, when locals described the melted slopes as resembling a flying goose.

The Pinemarten Cafe and The Snowgoose

Time to hit the slopes

Begin your skiing adventure with a journey up to the summit on a unique six-seater gondola, where you’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful snowy views of Scotland all the way to the top. Once you’ve reached the peak you’ll be spoilt for choice at Nevis Range with a total of 35 runs, which turns this mountain range into an avalanche of fun. 

Maarten Duineveld

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a pro because there’s something for all skiing abilities. If you’re just starting out on the slopes then Linnhe and Lochy are the best places to start. With wide open slopes, The Fairway is where you’ll gain your skiing confidence and be able to move on to the famous Summit Run. It’s the highest in Scotland (4,000ft) and is the ideal opportunity for you to get your skiing technique nailed. Plus, it helps that the views are out of this world. For those looking to show off with a few aerials or fakies, you’ll find the more challenging routes and terrain at the Snowgoose Bowl, Warrens, and Corrie Dubh.

Don’t worry about having to lug all your equipment up the mountain lift because the Nevis Range offers all equipment for hire, including clothing. It’s recommended that the best months to visit are February and March to get the full experience of everything the range has to offer. 

Grab those ski goggles

Looks like it’s time for a snow adventure, right? If you plan your dates right, you could be lucky enough to attend the UCI Fort William Downhill Mountain Bike World Cup, which has been held at the Nevis Range since 2002. You’ll be able to join thousands of other spectators at Aonach Mor, as some of the best mountain bikers in the world speed down the side of the mountain. 

If you’re off on a ski trip, you might as well have a look at what else Ben Nevis has to offer, too.