Relax and Unwind

More than anything, getting outside is a fantastic form of escapism. Think about it. Just you, the trees, the wind. It’s a great way to turn your phone off for a wee bit and live in the moment. 9 in 10 millennials confess to opening their phone merely for the sake of it! So take a step back. Feel the sun on your face. Or walk with a friend and have a catch up without any distractions. 

Giving yourself physical time away from stressful environments also gives your brain a break, leaving more room for creative breakthroughs, rational thinking and peace of mind. Even going for a brisk daily walk makes a huge difference. Breathing in fresh air clears out your lungs and increases your oxygen intake to the brain, therefore improving focus and concentration. So you’ll go back to the office – or your studies, or to planning the kids’ upcoming birthday parties – with a fresh head and new ideas!

Green Exercise

Exercising – walking, hiking, yoga – in nature is also known as ‘green exercise’. Many studies show that exposure to greenspaces drastically improves a range of different health benefits from de-stressing to calming our heart rate. Being outside is a great way to get your daily intake of vitamin D, too – which gives you that energising endorphin hit that makes you feel good.

In our beautiful part of the Highlands you can climb a mountain, kayak on a loch, stroll alongside the River Lochy which runs right alongside our holiday park, or cycle along the Caledonian Canal – and that’s just for starters!

Physical Health Benefits

Be it due to work, travel or family, many adults in the UK spend nine hours a day sitting down. Going for a brisk walk or a great hike are both brilliant ways of ensuring you stay healthy. Walking every day helps you maintain a healthy weight, lowers your disease risk, increases heart health and makes life easier for your joints in the long run. Exercise – in any form – helps you de-stress and therefore rest better – so you’ll be able to sleep through the night without any interruptions.

Forest Bathing

Don’t worry, we’re not talking about a bathtub full of trees, twigs and leaves. ‘Forest bathing’ is actually more of a mindfulness practice. The term comes from Japan in the 80s, as a physiological and psychological exercise called shinrin-yoku which means ‘taking in the forest atmosphere’. Thus emerged a type of ecotherapy. Many people take to forest bathing now as a way to reconnect with themselves in a tranquil, open environment. 

Go You!

Arguably the biggest benefit of any outdoor activity is the sense of achievement that comes with it. Being high on endorphins and buzzing from a great day in nature, you’ll come home feeling refreshed, bubbly, and ready to face the rest of the day.