Mountain biking has increased in popularity year by year attracting thousands of visitors and locals alike to get their pedal on. Mountain biking is a thrill-seeking activity that you can take part in all year round. So, are you ready to ride the tracks at the highest mountain range in the UK? Let’s go…

Nevis Range

Based in Fort William, known as the gateway to the highlands, Nevis Range is the number one place to go mountain biking in Scotland. It’s home to the mountain bike World Cup and has been since 2002, so you’ll have the chance to test out the tracks that the world’s best bikers speed through.

Voodoo Track

This blue graded track leads you through the highland’s forests for you to cycle close to the beautiful nature surrounding Ben Nevis. It’s the ideal track for novices and beginners and towards the end of the route the track opens up to stunning berms, which are level spaces for you to let those brakes off and really test your riding speed.

Blue Adder

One of everyone’s favourite tracks, you won’t know what to expect along this blue graded track as it’s packed to the berm with exciting twists and turns. You’ll finish this route in the Nevis Range car park, but not before experiencing the fast-paced 80m boardwalk in the top section.

Wild Goat

The most ridden track on this range thanks to its constant visibility, this route gives you the option to experience first hand the tracks used in the mountain bike World Cup. It’s fast with plenty of berms and the ideal way to end your biking trip at Ben Nevis.
Witchcraft World Champs

Specifically designed for the 2007 World Championships, this track has 270m of climb and descent. It’s red graded and has various interchanges from fast to loose corners. If you never want your ride to end then this track is ideal as it’s perfect for a longer route. Plus, the views from the top are out of this world.

Cackle Track

Known for its steep inclines, this track provides you with a rocky setting at the end. You’ll be led to a beautiful rock garden, which is definitely worth tackling this up and down the trail.

Black Crane

This black graded track is not for the faint-hearted. It’s tailored towards the more experienced riders as it’s described as steep, fast, and committing. With a rooty trail, you’ll have your work cut out to keep your bike riding in its natural flow.

Top Chief

With a physical rating of hard, this track is not for beginners. Tight corners come thick and fast on this track and when you reach the lower ridgeline you’ll be greeted with steep, bedrock sections, which can be quite rough. If you’re up for the challenge, you’ll be rewarded with open, fast, flowy corners at the end where you can try out jumps and other technical traits. To access this track you will have to use a gondola uplift.

Other tracks that can be found in and around the Nevis Range are:

  • Blue Crane
  • Broomstick Blue
  • Connector
  • Jump Line
  • The Wiggle

It’s not just incredible tracks on offer at the Nevis Range, either. From April to October, you’ll be able to hire bikes if your travels restrict you from bringing your own. This option comes complete with showers and a bike wash to make sure you and those tires are always squeaky clean.

Fort William

Fort William is the true home of mountain biking thanks to its combination of forest tracks and purpose-built parks, all complemented with stunning scenery to take in on your ride. Whether you’re looking for an adrenaline ride or a relaxing pedal through the town, Fort William provides it all. There’s a great cycling route, which is suitable for walking too, that stretches the length of the town center.

If you’re after a longer route, and by longer, we’re talking 26 miles, (seven times the height of Mount Kilimanjaro), then The Gairlochy Loop is for you. You’ll ride from Fort William to Gairlochy and back again. Passing over Spean Bridge you’ll be in for some location setting treats, which you can take in while sipping on a cup of the freshest coffee that is sure to give you the energy kick for your journey back.

The mountain biking areas don’t stop there, either. Visit the likes of Glencoe, Lochaber, Aonach Mor, and Strathmashie Forest for the biking adventures to continue.

On your marks… get set… ride!