5 Scenic Road Trips to Take in the Highlands this Winter

Embark on these journeys, and let the Highlands cast their spell on you

20th October 2023

As winter blankets the Scottish Highlands in a dusting of snow, the landscape transforms into a breathtaking wonderland. The crisp air, snow-capped peaks, and serene lochs set the stage for unforgettable road trips.

We’ve picked five – located ideally near our holiday parks, making them the ideal base to explore!

1. Oban to Glenfinnan: The Coastal Serenade

Distance: Approx. 56 miles

Begin your adventure in the picturesque town of Oban, the ‘Seafood Capital of Scotland.’ Meander along the A828, hugging the rugged coastline with the Atlantic Ocean as your companion. Gaze at the ancient castles perched on cliffs, and let the breeze invigorate your senses.

Continue on to Glenfinnan, where the mighty viaduct spans the Glen Finnan valley. It’s not only a marvel of engineering but also famously featured in the Harry Potter films. Time your visit right, and you might witness the Jacobite Steam Train heading along this iconic bridge.

2. Fort William to Mallaig: The Road to the Isles

Distance: Approx. 42 miles

This route is a testament to the grandeur of the Scottish Highlands. Begin your journey in Fort William, nestled at the foot of Britain’s highest peak, Ben Nevis. As you wind your way westward along the A830, the landscape becomes increasingly dramatic.

Cross the Glenfinnan Viaduct, continuing on to the charming fishing village of Mallaig. Along the way, keep an eye out for panoramic vistas of Loch Eilt and the Small Isles.

3. Tyndrum to Bridge of Orchy: Highland Hues

Distance: Approx. 7 miles

While shorter in length, this drive is no less awe-inspiring. Begin your journey in the small village of Tyndrum, surrounded by some of Scotland’s most dramatic landscapes. The A82 takes you through the iconic Glen Coe, where steep-sided mountains rise dramatically from the valley floor.

Pause for a moment at the Three Sisters viewpoint, where the peaks stand sentinel over the glen. Continue to Bridge of Orchy, a tiny village with a big heart, nestled amidst the Highland splendor. This drive promises to be a vivid canvas of Scotland’s natural beauty.

4. Glencoe Circuit: The Awe-Inspiring Loop

Distance: Approx. 47 miles

Glencoe is a name that evokes a sense of wonder. Begin your journey in Ballachulish and trace the A82, as it guides you through one of Scotland’s most famous and beautiful glens. Towering peaks and hidden waterfalls will be your companions on this mesmerising route.

As you complete the circuit, you’ll pass through incredible landscapes that have inspired artists and writers for generations. Keep your camera ready, as every turn presents a new postcard-worthy snap.

5. Kinlochleven to Loch Leven: The Hidden Gem

Distance: Approx. 12 miles

This shorter drive packs a punch with its intimate views of the Highland lochs and surrounding mountains. Starting in Kinlochleven, follow the B863 along the northern shores of Loch Leven. The reflections of the snow-capped peaks on the calm waters create a scene straight out of a fairytale.

Embark on these journeys, and let the Highlands cast their spell on you.

Winter is when the Highlands truly come alive, offering a magical experience that will stay with you forever.

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