Accommodation Costs

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Annual Running Costs

2024 Pitch Fee

for 10.5  months from 14th February


Inclusive of VAT

Utilities – Rates, Water & Sewage

Charges payable September/October




Electric charged as meter usage at pass through price




You must provide us with a copy of your current insurance policy and proof of payment of the most recent premium. Your insurance company must also be notified that the tourer is on a seasonal pitch on Riverside Caravan Park. Wheel Clamp or Hitch Lock must be fitted.

Important Information

  • We have a 10.5 month season, from 14th February to 2nd January. (from 2022)
  • Friends and family are welcome to visit. All we ask is that they sign in at reception on arrival and abide by the Park Rules.
  • Touring caravans must be less than seven years old when first sited.
  • Awnings are allowed, but must be taken down when the touring caravan is not in use unless your return is within 24 hours.
  • No over crowding of the seasonal tourer. You must only allow as many people to sleep in the seasonal tourer as the manufacturers recommend.
  • All touring caravans must be insured, and you must provide us with a copy of your insurance policy.
  • A wheel clamp or a hitch lock must be fitted to the seasonal tourer.
  • Once the touring caravan reaches 12 years old it must be replaced with another under seven years old.
  • We do not allow any  caravans or tourers with the door on the wrong side as seasonal tourers, as our pitches cannot accommodate them.
  • As part of our “Shop Local” initiative and as a matter of safety, we do not permit food deliveries (supermarket/takeaway) onto the park.
  • In the interests of safety for customers of all ages, we do not allow the use of hover boards, segways, drones, electric bikes or remote controlled cays/toys.
  • We welcome the use of push bikes/scooters/skateboards but do ask that they are put at 7pm or when the street lights come on.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Not seeing an answer to your question? Speak to us today.

0333 188 1930

We’re working on installing/improving WiFi across our parks for guest access. Currently there is free WiFi available in Reception & Campbell’s Cafe & Takeaway at Ben Nevis Holiday Park and the reception area at Oban Holiday Park.

We have ample parking outside the main reception area. If you are staying in our self catering accommodation, we would recommend that you park your vehicle at the main reception while you check-in (don’t worry, there’s no need to unpack till you reach your individual unit).

There are additional spaces for disabled badge holders.

We provide towels for all our premier lodges, please check at time of booking if your lodge includes this. For all other holiday homes, you will be required to bring towels.

No, bedding is provided in all of our properties, with beds made up on arrival.