Storage hacks for your caravan or camper

Travel light - adventure big!

4th January 2022

You can’t beat the freedom of having your own caravan, campervan or motorhome – being able to jump behind the wheel and go wherever you please! Our scenic pitches are the perfect place to park up. But when your small space is ram-jammed to the rafters with stuff, well, it might not feel quite such a liberating experience.

We’ve put together some handy tips to keep your space neat and uncluttered so you can relax and enjoy your holidays to the fullest.

Downsize portions

Spend a little time before each journey making sure you’ve got enough of everything that you need – but no more. Make a travel spice set using a one a day pill organiser, take only the tea and coffee that you’ll actually get through and just replenish before your next journey.

Think minimal

Be brutal and only take what you need – a set of cutlery each, one mug each – what more do you need? Your sink probably won’t be big enough for a big pile of washing up anyway! If you’ve got random kitchen gadgets gathering dust, then whittle them right down to the essentials.

Get space savvy

If you’ve only got a couple of plates or small jars at the bottom of a cupboard, you’ve got loads of wasted space. Store plates vertically in a rack and buy containers with handles that you can fill to the brim with your store cupboard essentials. If you’ve got pans and bowls all higgledy piggledy, switch them out for ones that fit neatly inside each other. Look for collapsible buckets and washing-up bowls store away flat.


Travel light when it comes to clothes – think ‘capsule wardrobe’. This means a few pieces that all mix and match well together, and you know love and suit you. Chuck out the chunky wooden hangers, go for the thinnest you can find or buy multi-row hangers to max-out your hanging space.

Use undersides…

With a magnetic strip and some metal lidded containers, you can use the underneath of your kitchen units to store things whilst keeping them conveniently to hand. Hanging shelves that just slot on to an existing shelf are handy for using the full height of your space.


Over door storage lets you stash things on the inside of your cupboard doors, wardrobe doors, bathroom doors – you name it! Hanging shoe organisers are great for toiletries and cleaning products – as well as shoes! Wire file holders can be attached to the insides of doors too – these are great for rolls of tin foil etc. Mount your wastebin inside a door too so it’s not taking up floor space and won’t fall over.

…and sides!

Hooks and suction units are great for kitchen unit ends. A few hooks near the front door are handy for all your most important things like keys, brollies, torches – look for ones that fold up when not in use. Shampoo and shower gel dispensers that attach inside your shower cubicle wall will keep your bathroom beautifully uncluttered. Tissue boxes and ‘fruit hammocks’ can also be wall-mounted.

Clear your countertops

You don’t have much surface space in a caravan or camper so try and avoid storing things like tea and coffee canisters on your kitchen counter if you can help it, as it will soon feel cramped. Look for chopping boards that fit over your sink to double up your space (these are also great for hiding unwashed cups in a pinch!)

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