Crarae Gardens

The garden was created in 1912 by Lady Grace Campbell and is located in the elegant hills of Argyll, Crarae Gardens is just under an hour’s drive away from Tyndrum, located in Inveraray. These gardens offer stunning year-round displays as each season brings new blooms. This Himalayan-style garden is rich with woodland, Himalayan plants and tranquil waterfalls. It’s also home to a gorge, rippling burn, waterfalls and cliffs. 

Offering not only horticulture but spectacular wildlife-spotting opportunities; including possible sights of squirrels, deer with fawns, treecreepers, woodpeckers and birds of prey such as sparrowhawks and peregrine falcons. 

If this wasn’t awe-inspiring enough – the garden also has an impressive national collection of Southern Beech. Crarae Burn, rocky gorges, wooden bridges and thickets of maple, birch and evergreens – a true paradise.

Benmore Botanic Garden – Argyll & Bute 

Benmore Botanic Garden is just over an hour away from Tyndrum in the car and is home to a world-famous collection of plants. Surrounded by the elegant scenery of Argyllshire, the garden echoes – if not, surpasses – the beauty of its craggy surroundings. 

This garden boasts a wide collection of plants from regions ranging from the Himalayas, China and Japan to North and South America. Gorgeous rhododendrons bloom in spring and early summer, splashing Benmore’s slopes with artistic splashes of colour. 

Benmore Botanic Garden is home to the 150-year-old Redwood Avenue of towering giant redwoods that make up the entrance in one naturally beautiful arc. The garden offers immense opportunities to spot wildlife such as the rare golden eagle and sparrowhawks.

Ardkingas Woodland Garden

This bonnie woodland garden boasts breathtaking views over Loch Fyne and the Old Mill on the banks of the River Fyne which runs through the gardens. The arboretum includes Champion Trees and is renowned for its collection of rhododendrons and azaleas. It’s great to visit in peak times during the summer such as May and June when in full bloom, but this garden is definitely worth a visit all year long.

This stunning garden is only a 50-minute car ride from Tyndrum and is a suitable walk for all capabilities. The garden is dog-friendly too, as long as your four-legged pal is kept on his lead. Also home to its famous Gruffalo Trail – making it a fun day out for the wee ones, as well as green-fingered folk.

Craggy hills, beautiful blossoms and diverse horticulture – Tyndrum is right in the centre of it all. So treat yourself during your stay with us to some inspiring garden visits.