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Walk Glen Nevis

A fantastically picturesque walk.

Here at Ben Nevis Holiday Park, we are surrounded by incredible beauty in the form of nature trails, wildlife and mountainsides. One of the most rewarding walks we have to offer is through Glen Nevis.

Steal Falls

Glen Nevis rewards you with many gorgeous, must-see sights, such as the picturesque Steall Falls, the third-highest falls in Scotland, falling 105 metres down the rockface. The Steall Falls are our little claim to fame, having starred in not one, but two Harry Potter films (The Goblet of Fire and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince). The Falls feature in the background of a Quidditch game scene and during Harry’s battle with the Hungarian Horntail dragon in The Goblet of Fire.

The open valley presents a spectacle of satisfying views of grassy meadows, decorated with wildflowers and mountainsides, and Munro of An Gearanach, the first peak of the Ring of Steall.

Glen Nevis runs across the foot of Ben Nevis, the tallest mountain in Britain! There are many stunning, painting-like landscapes to see along Glen Nevis that you should be sure not to miss. There are a variety of different walks you can choose from, for example the Wishing Stone Walk is a short one hour trail with an easy gradient, whereas the Glen Nevis Forest and River walk can take up to five hours to walk which is perfect if you fancy a hike. For more information on which route is best for you, click here.

Dun Deardail fort

Another must-see sight within Glen Nevis is Dun Deardail, a fort filled with history. Born in the iron-age, Dun Deardail was built around 100BC to 100AD. With gathered info from archaeological excavations, it’s believed the fort has been occupied and rebuilt on several occasions.

As you climb further up the path, the heights offer an impressive view of Glen Nevis and Ben Nevis. The fort itself covers an area of 1250 square metres. Back in the day, Dun Deardail would have been visible from miles around, and not only because it was huge. Imagine it: bold flags and banners waving in the wind, put there by the tribe who the fort belonged to. The outside walls were initially built from stones that had been heated and fused together (otherwise known as ‘vitrified’, if you want to get fancy), but now the fort exists as a round grassy embankment, holding only the skeleton of what it once was.

As you can see, Glen Nevis isn’t just a pretty face; the valley is rich with stories and history, too. With the right footwear to tackle its gradients, these walks are tranquil and rewarding, allowing you to view some of the most famous and Instagram-worthy sights that Scotland has to offer.


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