The Top Spots for a Romantic Walk in the Highlands

9th February 2024

Embrace the romance of the Scottish Highlands this Valentine’s season with a leisurely stroll through some of the most enchanting spots around our three waterside Holiday Parks. 

Whether you’re seeking breathtaking landscapes, tranquil lochs, or historic ruins, these romantic walks offer the perfect backdrop for a memorable escape with your loved one.

1. The Falls of Dochart, Tyndrum

Begin your romantic journey at Tyndrum Holiday Park with a visit to the picturesque Falls of Dochart. The cascade of water over the ancient rocks sets a serene and enchanting atmosphere. Take a leisurely stroll along the riverbank, hand in hand, and savour the timeless beauty of the falls.

2. The West Highland Way, Tyndrum to Bridge of Orchy

For a more extended romantic adventure, embark on a section of the West Highland Way (which actually goes right past Tyndrum Holiday Park). The trail from Tyndrum to Bridge of Orchy offers panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. Savour memories amidst the vast landscapes, with the rugged beauty of the Highlands unfolding before you.

3. Nevis Gorge, Ben Nevis

At Ben Nevis Holiday Park, discover the magical Nevis Gorge. This spot offers a spectacular setting for a romantic walk. Meander along the woodland paths, marvel at the towering trees, and feel the presence of the ancient glacial landscape. It’s a journey through time and nature, perfect for creating lasting memories.

4. Glen Nevis, Ben Nevis

Extend your romantic adventures around Ben Nevis with a walk through Glen Nevis. The glen is surrounded by towering peaks, creating a dramatic backdrop for your stroll. Follow the river as it winds through the valley, and relish the tranquillity of this hidden gem nestled in the heart of the Highlands.

5. Pulpit Hill, Oban

For couples staying at Oban Holiday Park, Pulpit Hill offers a romantic coastal walk with stunning views of surrounding islands, including Kerrera. The well-marked trail takes you through lush greenery and opens up to panoramic vistas of the ocean. Choose a clear day, and you may witness a spectacular sunset painting in orange and pink.

6. Dunollie Castle, Oban

Step back in time and explore the grounds of Dunollie Castle in Oban. The castle, perched on a hill with views of the sea, provides a romantic setting for a historic walk. Wander through the castle ruins, admire the coastal scenery, and feel the echoes of centuries past.

7. Ganavan Sands Beach, Oban

For a romantic beachside walk, head to Ganavan Sands Beach. Stroll along the sandy shores, breathe in the fresh sea air, and enjoy the tranquillity of the waves lapping the coast. This idyllic spot provides a serene setting for a romantic escape by the sea.

Whether you choose the misty waterfalls of the West Highland Way near Tyndrum, the majestic landscapes around Ben Nevis, or the coastal charm of Oban, the Scottish Highlands offer a whole host of romantic walks this Valentine’s.

With each step, you and your partner can create lasting memories against the backdrop of this enchanting and timeless landscape.

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