The Green Welly Stop

Your go-to shop in Tyndrum

Off to enjoy yourself a nice wee getaway in the bonnie hills of Tyndrum? Want to know where you can stock up in order to rustle up something good – either when self-catering or pitching up with us? 

Well, you’ve probably heard of The Green Welly Stop. Aye? Aye. And we’re here to tell you why it’s your one-stop shop for almost anything you’ll need on your holiday. 

A wee bit of background

The Green Welly Stop sits just beside the West Highland Way. In 1965 the place was a petrol station and in the 80s the family opened the ‘Green Welly Shop’ which sold wellies and Barbour jackets – very convenient when in the heart of a hikers haven! Eventually, the entire business rebranded to ‘The Green Welly Stop’. As it stands today, it is run by the third generation of the family and provides great quality food and fine shopping.

The idea is that you can find everything here. Anything you need, you name it. It’s all in The Green Welly Stop. With a selection of (deep breath!) beers, wines, spirits, fruits, vegetables, snacks, toys, books and games – this place really has something for everyone. There are toilet facilities and even shower facilities so you can pop in and freshen up after a long walk – they really thought of everything.


The Green Welly Stop have a whole range of fresh food and veg – so you can cook up a big breakfast before you hit the hills. If you ever need to stock up, they have all your essentials – tea, coffee, cereal, eggs. Don’t worry about running out, they’ve got just about everything you need.

Don’t feel like cooking? Been on a huge adventure and now just want to eat? Aye, we relate to that. Well, there’s also a restaurant here that serves up some tasty food for when you’re on your way back from a long walk around the Tyndrum hills. The shop also has a bunch of snacks if you just need a quick sugar rush. 


Of course, The Green Welly Stop has a great selection of drink! Spirits, soft drinks, beers, wines – you name it. And they’re not short of whisky either, powering the local Tyndrum Whisky – which is a must-try whilst you’re staying with us here. 

Bits and Bobs

They don’t just dibble dabble in food and drink. Here you’ll find games and toys for the wee ones, alongside books, charging cables, disposable cameras – everything you need to comfortably enjoy your holiday stress-free (and to keep the kids busy on the trip back home). 

We hope you enjoy your stay with us and that you eat very, very well. ?


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